"I was born and raised in Worcester. Just like every parent, I want the best school system for my children. Parents need to have a say in the decisions that are being made regarding the issues that impact our children. A Parent perspective is what is needed while making decisions regarding the issues that impact our children.  


For the last 13 years I have worked with at-risk youth in the City of Worcester, advocating and supporting them in their educational goals. Through my working relationships with the employees of the Worcester Public Schools, I see the passion and commitment they have for all of our students. Teachers and staff observe and understand the needs of our students and schools, and I recognize their extremely valuable input.


Our public school system is strong. By working together, we can make it stronger. The strength of a school system has a direct impact on our economic growth as a city. The recent developments in the city of Worcester are positive and motivating. Join me as we work to empower our school system in the same positive direction."

As School Committee Member,  Laura will continue to: 
  • Ensure that the parents of the Worcester Public Schools are receiving updated communication with information that is important to their student and their family.
  • Pledge to make sure the students of Worcester are receiving the best education that we can provide.
  • Work hard with the City and State officials to continue the process of updating school structures and technology required for 21st Century learning.
  • Promise our students and staff are safe and feel welcome in our schools.